We make coffee breaks work for us!

Our vision is to become the ultimate tech partner for startups and emerging businesses. We're recognized for our high-quality work, relaxed style and adaptable nature. We empower clients with innovative, personalized solutions, while inspiring our team to deliver their finest work.

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Web Summit
Web Summit 2022
Web Summit

Company founded

Invenit was founded, setting the stage for extraordinary things.

Safety Net

The first startup, Safety Net, went live and wowed everyone.


Jumped into the MedTech world with ClinBidz, making waves.

Tango was born

Tango emerged, redefining financial connectivity as an international remittance platform.


We got all fancy with Flutter for mobile app magic.

New Office

Our team grew to 15 and we got a shiny new office.


We went big with microservices and a super-scalable XRAY.


Took a wild ride to Lisbon’s WebSummit, integrating innovation into our journey!


Explored North America’s biggest Tech conference, where tech and coffee collided!

Let us be your Tech!

We're a crew of caffeine-fueled techies who believe technology should be easy to grasp, not a mystery.

Our belief in open communication throughout the project helps us manage your expectations and avoid misunderstandings.

And what better way to dive into Fintech or SaaS than over a fresh cup of coffee? Here's the deal: we work and play hard, constantly pushing limits and innovating.

With 15+ years in IT and global partnerships, we're all about top-tier quality. We leverage new tools, technologies, and creativity to make effective solutions.

Our secret sauce? We truly get your needs. This key insight helps us tailor-make solutions that align with your business goals.

Clients love us for our tech skills and the smiles we bring while fixing their issues. A rare quality in this dead-serious tech world, right? 🙂

So, if you're after a dedicated tech friend who dares to color outside the lines and loves a good coffee, you've just found it! Let's chat about how we can help with your Tech needs.

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Brewing Success: Our Values

Are you tired of the same old routine? At Invenit, we believe in shaking things up and creating projects that are anything but ordinary. Even if we're working on a project we've tackled before, we'll approach it from a new angle to gain more knowledge and keep things interesting.

But, really, what do we value here at Invenit?

Effective Communication and Collaboration
Collaboration is our espresso shot – a balanced blend of clear communication and seamless teamwork. We love sharing ideas, listening actively, and having positive discussions. It's all about supporting each other and celebrating our wins as a team!
Accountability and Initiative
We're not just looking for employees; we're on the lookout for team members with a sense of accountability for their work. Initiative is key – we value individuals who proactively identify opportunities for improvement and bring innovative ideas to the table.
Continuous Learning
Are you committed to continuous learning, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and expanding your skill set? If the answer's a bold yes, you're right at home here. Just like coffee beans, technology evolves, and so do we.
Embracing Challenges
Individuals who embrace challenges with enthusiasm and see them as chances for progress are always welcome in our Tech team!
Curiosity and Adaptability
Are you excited to learn and embrace new challenges, helping us stay at the forefront of the industry? In the ever-changing world of Tech, curiosity and adaptability are our secret blend.
Be Your Authentic Self
Please bring your unique qualities, strengths, and interests to the coffee table. Our team is diverse, and your authentic self makes us stronger.

Techies on coffee

Be aware that each team member's coffee choice reflects their unique skills and personality, adding a flavorful twist to our team's dynamics!


Our Employee Espresso Tales

“I joined Invenit in 2022 as a junior developer and was amazed at the supportive culture that encouraged me to grow and excel. From team outings to coding challenges, every day is a new adventure.”

Nikola Čokić
Nikola Čokić
Junior Software Developer

“Being part of Invenit means being part of a crew that gives me support in every way. Open communication and collaboration make each workday a chance to learn something new. It's a space where my ideas are not just heard but nurtured to create some great tech solutions.”

Dragana Kuzmanović
Dragana Kuzmanović
Software Developer

“For me, Invenit is not just a workplace; it's a playground for tech enthusiasts. This combination of cutting-edge projects, quirky coffee conversations, and a team that feels like lifelong friends make it a perfect fit for anyone seeking both professional growth and a great time.”

Marko Pašić
Marko Pašić
Software Developer

“Invenit's coffee culture reflects its dedication to exceptional work quality. This mix of expertise, creativity, and caffeine creates a dynamic atmosphere where projects are completed with precision and passion.”

Nevena Mićić
Nevena Mićić
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Join the Invenit Crew

At Invenit, we're not just offering jobs – we're creating opportunities that come with perks

  • Competitive Salaries get what you deserve while you grow and innovate
  • Flexible Work Arrangements because we understand life happens
  • Learning Budget get the resources to enhance your skills
  • Annual Team Retreats getting to know your team as you expand your horizons
  • Quality Coffee Corner enjoy top-notch coffee to keep you inspired
  • Awesome Work Environment where your ideas are celebrated

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