by Mirko Kukoleča

Empower Your Remittance Venture with TangoAML: Scale Faster!

When you think of rolling out a money remittance service for a financial institution, the task may seem straightforward - just move money across borders. But, in reality, it is so much more intricate than that.

Challenges of Developing From Scratch:

  • Compliance Gardening: Regulations vary widely depending on the country. Staying compliant isn't a one-time task – it's a continuous journey. Without a proven system in place, managing this can become a regulatory minefield.
  • Integration Woes: Building a seamless connection between KYC providers, payment gateways, payout platforms, banks, and more requires immense resources.
  • End-User Interface: Designing a user-friendly interface that's both intuitive and secure, keeping up with both web and mobile trends, can be a mammoth task.
  • Admin Backend: Creating tools for admins to manage corridors, transaction fees, registers, FX spreads, and the labyrinth of other parameters is no small feat.
  • Security: With money movement, security isn't optional. It's essential. Ensuring top-notch security while developing a new system is time-consuming and costly.
  • In-country Transfers: With P2P becoming a norm, building infrastructure for domestic transfers is yet another layer of complexity.

Enter, TangoAML.
🌟 Why Start with Tango?

  • Ready-made White-labeled Products:Whether it's a web app, mobile app, or a public website, Tango provides you with a platform ready to be branded as your own.
  • Flexibility in UX:Opt for established UX or get a completely customized experience for specific needs.
  • Admin Efficiency:From corridor setup, the most complex part of money remittance, to handling transaction fees and FX spreads, Tango’s backend tools are designed to be robust and intuitive.
  • Inbuilt P2P Platform:Tango’s evolution into P2P within the same country means every sender can seamlessly become a receiver.
  • Robust API Solution:Think of Tango as the 'Stripe' for money remittance. With a focus on an all-encompassing API, Tango emphasizes both client onboarding and developer integration.
  • Gardener of Compliance:With Tango, you have a partner that understands the importance of compliance and has tailored its platform to be in line with regulations across the globe.

The world of money remittance is intricate and ever-evolving. Starting from scratch might offer a sense of control, but it also brings with it unprecedented challenges. In contrast, TangoAML provides a flexible, secure, and robust solution ready for adaptation.

When contemplating starting your own remittance service, the question becomes, "Why reinvent the wheel when TangoAML has already crafted a resilient one?" 🌍💸 #remittance #fintech #TangoAML #financialsolutions