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Struggling with web applications that don't quite fit your business needs? Frustrated with the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions that can't keep up with your ambitions?

Well, your quest ends here! Our team excels in creating custom web applications using cutting-edge technologies like .NET, Angular, and GraphQL. It’s time to take charge of your business's digital future. Reach out to us now to discuss how our tailored web applications can boost your efficiency and help you achieve your goals with ease. Don't settle for less when you can have the perfect solution!

  • Modular Architecture. Angular's modular architecture facilitates code organization, reusability, and maintainability through components, services, and modules, allowing developers to manage complex projects with ease.
  • Robust Performance. NET's performance benefits, including Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation and runtime optimizations, contribute to the creation of high-performance applications, ensuring smooth user experiences.
  • Flexibility and Customization. GraphQL empowers front-end developers by providing them with the ability to define the structure of the data they receive, enabling faster development iterations and reducing dependencies on backend changes.
Tango - Web Applications
Powerful synergy that enhances the development process

Why NAG?

The combination of .NET, Angular, and GraphQL forms a powerful synergy that enhances the development process. Leveraging .NET's versatility, developers can create a wide array of applications, while Angular's dynamic web app capabilities offer seamless user experiences. The integration of GraphQL optimizes data fetching, enabling efficient communication between the frontend and backend. Together, this trio streamlines development, enhances performance, and provides the flexibility needed to deliver feature-rich applications that excel in responsiveness, maintainability, and efficient data management.

Combining .NET, Angular, and GraphQL has been a game-changer for our projects. We're creating versatile applications with seamless user experiences and efficient data handling. It's a winning combo that boosts our development efficiency and delivers top-notch results.”

Nevena Mičić
Nevena Mičić – CTO

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